hook1 S3 [huk] n
1¦(hanging things)¦
2¦(catching fish)¦
3 let/get somebody off the hook
4 leave/take the phone off the hook
5 be ringing off the hook
7 by hook or by crook
8¦(hitting somebody)¦
9 hook, line, and sinker
[: Old English; Origin: hoc]
a curved piece of metal or plastic that you use for hanging things on
Tom hung his coat on the hook behind the door.
a curved piece of thin metal with a sharp point for catching fish
3.) let/get sb off the hook
to allow someone or help someone to get out of a difficult situation
I wasn't prepared to let her off the hook that easily.
4.) leave/take the phone off the hook
to leave or take the telephone ↑receiver (=the part you speak into) off the part where it is usually placed so that no one can call you
5.) be ringing off the hook
AmE if your telephone is ringing off the hook, a lot of people are calling you
6.) ¦(INTEREST)¦
something that is attractive and gets people's interest and attention
= ↑draw
You always need a bit of a hook to get people to go to the theatre.
7.) by hook or by crook
if you are going to do something by hook or by crook, you are determined to do it, whatever methods you have to use
The police are going to get these guys, by hook or by crook.
a way of hitting your opponent in ↑boxing, in which your elbow is bent
→↑punch, jab ↑jab
9.) hook, line, and sinker
if someone believes something hook, line, and sinker, they believe a lie completely
→↑boat hook, curtain hook,sling your hook atsling1 (4)
hook 2
hook2 v [T]
3¦(bend your finger/arm etc)¦
5¦(electronic equipment)¦
Phrasal verbs
 hook up with somebody/something
1.) ¦(FISH)¦
to catch a fish with a hook
I hooked a 20-pound salmon last week.
2.) ¦(FASTEN)¦ [always + adverb/preposition]
to fasten or hang something onto something else
hook sth onto/to sth
Just hook the bucket onto the rope and lower it down.
3.) ¦(BEND YOUR FINGER/ARM ETC)¦ [always + adverb/preposition]
to bend your finger, arm, or leg, especially so that you can pull or hold something else
Ruth hooked her arm through Tony's.
He tried to hook his leg over the branch.
4.) ¦(INTEREST/ATTRACT)¦ informal
to succeed in making someone interested in something or attracted to something
cigarette ads designed to hook young people
5.) ¦(ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT)¦ [always + adverb/preposition]
also hook up
to connect a piece of electronic equipment to another piece of equipment or to an electricity supply
We've got a CD player, but it's not hooked up yet.
hook sth together
Computers from different manufacturers can often be hooked together.
6.) ¦(BALL)¦
to throw or kick a ball so that it moves in a curve
hook up with / [hook up with sb/sth] phr v
a) to start having a sexual relationship with someone
b) to meet someone and become friendly with them
= ↑meet up
Did you ever hook up with Maisy while you were there?
c) to agree to work together with another organization for a particular purpose
2.) hook sb up with sth
to help someone get something that they need or want
= fix up with
Do you think you can hook me up with some tickets for tonight?

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